Focus Galaxy BO

Focus Galaxy BO is a wide flame-retardant black-out screen fabric woven in a traditional basket weave (2/2). The screen fabric is recommended for interior application and excels in blocking solar radiation and heat, while offering privacy. Focus Galaxy BO is railroadable and available in six timeless colours with white backing, which can be fantastically combined with the same colours in Focus Galaxy and Focus Galaxy Alu.

Due to their excellent functional performance, Lienesch-style screens offer an exciting alternative to ordinary window covering fabrics. They are made of strong woven vinyl coated polyester and can block a high level of solar heat, harmful UV and reduce energy consumption in winter for heating and in summer for cooling.

The openness factor combined with the colour of the material defines the focus point of the functionality of the screen. The more open the fabric, the more energy and light will enter into the room. Light colours have a higher solar reflection while transmitting a diffused light into the room and limiting the outward view. They reduce the need for artificial light and air-conditioning.

Dark colours absorb solar energy and light while evenly distributing it into the room and significantly reducing glare. They are a great choice for spaces with TV and computer screens. A combination of both benefits you can find in the metalized version of these fabrics.

The Lienesch-Style commercial fabrics collection offers several qualities available in a selection of timeless colours. Each fabric offers its own unique functionality.


Roller panel



Lead free

5 year warranty

Multi directional

White of0 119-01

Beige of0 119-02

Light grey of0 119-03

Baltic grey of0 119-11

Black grey of0 119-12

Charcoal of0 119-05