Better together

Lienesch Ltd is known for her passion for textiles and its unique and innovative collections with a natural textile feels. The unique collaboration between the Style Group and Lienesch Ltd prompted us to create an expressive brand: Lienesch-style. In collaboration with employees, customers and partners, we are able to surprise the market again and again by appropriate combinations of materials, design and technology, without forgetting who we are and what we pursue.

Providing you with the ultimate window covering solution for your project. Ultimately it’s all about the balance between reason and feeling, between product and human. Lienesch-style offers a wide range of Flame Retardant roller & vertical fabrics along with roller blind components. We offer SCREEN fabrics (1, 3, 5, 10%, metalized,& screen blackouts), a range of polyester FR plains in dimouts and Blackout versions, along with soft fiberglass blackout PVC Permanence.

Welcome to Lienesch-style.